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Good Motoring Magazine

Good Motoring, the quarterly magazine for members of GEM Motoring Assist, offers a superb line-up of news, features and interviews. Attracting contributions from nationally-acclaimed journalists and industry experts, it offers a fresh, stimulating approach to a wide range of motoring, travel and leisure topics. It is also the showcase for GEM Motoring Assist's road safety charity projects.

Each edition contains a competition with a high-level prize, while its recently-expanded correspondence pages reflect the diverse opinions and eye-catching ideas of GEM Motoring Assist's members. Great care is taken to ensure its editorial content is original and offers real value for readers.

Good Motoring Winter 2015

The Winter edition of Good Motoring is a very special one, as we're celebrating the magazine's 80th birthday. We have found a number of interesting ways to mark this special occasion, as you'll see when you take a leisurely browse through these pages. The very first feature article of that very first edition was entitled ŒWartime adventures of a Veteran Motorist' by a gentleman rejoicing in the name of Oliver Locker-Lampson. A little research reveals that he was a distinguished politician, serving as Member of Parliament first for Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, and then Birmingham Handsworth, between 1910 and 1945. He personally funded the establishment of an armoured car section for the Royal Navy Air Service (RNAS) and was later asked to participate in the assassination of Grigori Rasputin, trusted friend to the Russian royal family, in 1916. Not a bad pedigree for a Good Motoring contributor! We hope that the contents of this 80th anniversary edition will be every bit as interesting for you as Mr Locker-Lampson's wartime musings proved in that very first edition, 80 years ago.

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Good Motoring Magazine

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