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How long has GEM Motoring Assist been in existence?

Originally founded in 1932, the organisation has been arranging breakdown cover since 1978.

Do you cover the member or the vehicle?

We cover you as the member if you are personally driving any eligible vehicle or are travelling as a passenger in an eligible vehicle owned by you.

Is there an age limit on vehicles covered under the scheme?


What is the difference between Recovery EXTRA and Recovery RECLAIM?

Designed to provide comprehensive cover at the lowest possible cost, our pay-and-reclaim option offers the same cover as Recovery EXTRA, but the member pays the attending garage when assistance or recovery has been completed. The member then reclaims this cost and any travel or accommodation charges as appropriate, from GEM Motoring Assist. With Recovery RECLAIM members may make their own arrangements for assistance and recovery and reclaim the appropriate costs by completing a claim form and submitting relevant receipts.

When is the earliest I can be covered?

Cover commences from midnight of the day we receive your application or from a date you specify in the future.

Do I need to notify you if I change my vehicle?

No, you will still be covered providing you are driving any eligible vehicle or are travelling as a passenger in an eligible vehicle owned by you.

How quickly will I get assistance?

We will arrange for one of our 1200 specialist recovery operators, who have more than 5,500 vehicles between them, to reach you as soon as possible. Our average response time is 40 minutes.

What other benefits are available to me as a GEM Motoring Assist member?

Benefits include a lively quarterly magazine, Good Motoring, free road safety literature and advice, and discounts on many insurances and services. For details, click here.

Is there a Breakdown Recovery Operator near me?

We have a network of over 1200 independent Recovery Operators spread throughout the UK. This means that over 5,500 vehicles are available to ensure fast, efficient service wherever you are.

Do I have to have Club membership?

Breakdown cover is only available to Club members. Club membership is included in the annual subscription to any of our breakdown services. Club membership is also open to motorists not requiring breakdown, providing all other benefits. However, GEM Motoring Assist reserve the right to refuse membership to applicants with driving disqualifications within the past five years.

What are eligible Vehicles?

Eligible Vehicle means private car, car derived van or motorcycle. Motor caravans and motor homes will only be covered if they are under 3500kg GVW, do not exceed 7 metres (23 feet) in length and 2.25 metres in width (including any extra fitments). HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles, LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles) and minibuses are not acceptable.