NEW Mobile App for iPhone and Android - FREE to download

GEM Motoring Assist's new mobile app has been developed to give our members extra peace of mind. Our FREE breakdown app is available for download on the App Store and Android Market. This has been developed for you, the member, to ensure that if you break down you can tell us exactly where you are. Watch the relevant video to find out more about what GEM Motoring Assist's app can offer you.

Assist Me

Assist MeIf you have broken down, launch the app on your mobile phone and select ‘Assist Me’ from the menu. In the event of a breakdown, the app will show your location on a map using GPS. Observe your location and touch the ‘Call us’ button. This will dial directly to our Rescue Centre where you can tell our operator exactly where you are to ensure help will soon be on the way.




 Traffic Updates

Traffic Updates AppThinking about possible traffic congestion that could ruin your journey? Plan ahead to make sure you get there on time. Simply select ‘traffic updates’ from the menu and you can view traffic alerts near your location or any UK location. Zoom out to see more alerts further away. Select any pin and read details of that incident.





My Renewals

My Renewals AppMy Renewals is nice to have. You will never have the need to go looking through those old documents again to find out when those important motoring essentials are due. All you need to do is enter your renewal details and this motoring diary will remind you three weeks before you are due to renew.




Free To Download!

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