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Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Motorcycle breakdown cover is an essential part of being a biker. Unfortunately, adverse weather or months in storage can result in flat batteries and mechanical issues.

It's important to have a motorbike breakdown service in place, and if you're looking for the best motorcycle breakdown cover, GEM's breakdown cover is here to help any type of biker.

All-inclusive breakdown cover for motorcycles

We understand that as a motorbike driver, you may need to make good use of our Home Assistance service.

There's no penalty for that, it is included as standard in our motorcycle breakdown cover, as is Roadside Assistance, Nationwide Recovery and Onward Travel.

More cover for your money

All GEM's personal breakdown policies include motorcycle breakdown cover for you and your motorcycle, and any other eligible vehicle* you are travelling in, at no extra cost.

This means, if you have more than one vehicle (bikes or cars) your policy covers all of them at no additional cost. We provide motorcycle breakdown recovery of any engine size and any age.

So if you're looking for car and motorbike breakdown cover, personal cover could be the best - and most cost effective - option for you.

Choose the cover you need

The best motorcycle breakdown cover will depends on your specific needs. At GEM, our policyholders are always welcome to use our 24-hour breakdown control centre.

However, we fully understand that many motorcycle owners often prefer to use a specialist garage, which knows their motorcycle inside-out.

If you do wish to use a garage of your choice for motorcycle roadside recovery, then under our special Recovery RECLAIM policy, you can arrange this, paying the recovery operator for your repair or recovery and then reclaiming the appropriate costs from GEM afterwards.

Of course, with our personal breakdown cover for car and motorcycle, you can contact our 24-hour control centre at any time if your favoured garage is closed.

The best motorcycle breakdown cover

So how does GEM Motoring Assist compare to our competitors? Well, compare our cover to a a similar product from the AA or the RAC and you can save around 40% on your premium.

Moreover, if you select our Recovery RECLAIM personal breakdown cover for car and motorcycle, you can reduce your up front costs, and you won’t find an equivalent product elsewhere as it’s exclusive to GEM!

Our car and motorcycle breakdown cover includes:

  • Vehicles of any age and engine size
  • Unlimited call-outs
  • Running out of fuel
  • Flat battery
  • Punctured tyre
  • Rider / driver illness

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A policy and service for YOU

GEM breakdown cover is personal. This means you are covered as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle* you are travelling in.

We're also on call if you're driving a hired or borrowed vehicle. We can even help if you fall ill at the wheel. We look after you.

We can cover up to four drivers in your household so you can all be covered, whatever you drive. We provide the best breakdown cover available on a budget. When you compare our policies with similar ones, you'll find we're cheaper.

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Roadside Assistance

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Home Assistance

Onward Travel

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*Eligible vehicle: Private cars or motorcycles, Vans with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) up to 3500 kgs, Motorhomes/campervans with a GVW up to 3500 kgs which do not exceed 7 metres/23 feet in length or 2.3 metres/7 feet 7 inches in width (including any extra fitments). If in doubt, check the terms and conditions.


How long has GEM Motoring Assist been in existence?

Established in 1932, we’ve been looking after our members for 90 years.

We have a long-standing heritage, and our founding road safety mission remains at the heart of everything we do and we still pride ourselves on going the extra mile to look after our members and keep them safe on the roads. Find out more about The GEM Story.

We introduced our own independent and comprehensive breakdown recovery service over 40 years ago. Read more about our car breakdown cover and The GEM Story.


Do you cover the member or the vehicle?

Our cover is personal, which means we cover you as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle you're travelling in.

Handy if you're looking for the best car breakdown cover that also includes more than one vehicle, whether that’s a car or small van, or perhaps something you enjoy less often like a motorbike, motorhome, towed caravan or trailer or an old classic.

So if you're researching the best breakdown cover UK wide, for multiple vehicles, GEM's personal breakdown cover is a great option for you.


Am I covered as a passenger?

Yes! We cover you as a passenger in any eligible vehicle* you are travelling in that is covered under our terms and conditions. Please also see eligible vehicle information below.


What are eligible vehicles?

Eligible vehicles include private cars or motorcycles. Van breakdown cover applies to vans with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) up to 3500kgs. We cover motorhomes/campervans with a GVW up to 3500 kgs that do not exceed 7 metres/23 feet in length or 2.3 metres/7 feet 7 inches in width (including any extra fitments). All other vehicles are not covered.

If in doubt, check the terms and conditions. If you're looking for van breakdown cover, please note we DO NOT cover vans with a GVW over 3500kgs.


Do you cover classic cars?

Yes! We cover vehicles of any age, including classics. Looking for classic car breakdown cover?


Will my caravan or trailer be covered?

Any caravan (up to 7 metres/23 feet long, not including the length of the a-frame or hitch) or trailer (up to 3.05 metres/10 feet long including any load, not including the length of the a-frame or hitch) attached to the broken down vehicle will be recovered with the vehicle.

In the event of a breakdown to the caravan or trailer being towed by the vehicle, we will recover it to any one place chosen within the territorial limits, which means nationwide recovery. Any caravan or trailer must be attached using a standard 50 millimetre (2 inch) towing coupling.


Looking for caravan or motorhome breakdown cover?

What is the difference between Recovery EXTRA and Recovery RECLAIM?
Getting the best breakdown cover is easy with GEM. Simply choose from two options…

Recovery EXTRA – unlimited call-outs included in your car breakdown cover. Just call our recovery control centre and we take care of everything for you.

Recovery RECLAIM - comprehensive cover at the lowest possible cost, with our pay-and-reclaim option you can contact us for assistance or you can make your own arrangements for assistance and claim the appropriate costs from GEM.

A great option if you prefer to go to a specialist garage, you'd like your vehicle to be seen by a favourite mechanic who knows the service history, or if you want to pay less up-front for your cover.


When is the earliest I can be covered?

At GEM we don't offer instant breakdown cover, the earliest we can cover you from is 24 hours after purchase.

You can buy your breakdown cover up to three months in advance. So, if you're not going to be driving for a while, or you’re getting organised for an upcoming adventure, you can pay now and rest assured that your cover will start when you need it.


How quickly will I get assistance?

We pride ourselves on providing a speedy and efficient service throughout the whole of the UK. Response times can vary depending on the time of the incident, the day, the time of year and of course the weather.

We use a nationwide network of approved local independent recovery operators, which means wherever you break down, help is not far away.


Am I covered in the UK And overseas?

With GEM breakdown cover you have peace of mind in the UK. GEM members can access European breakdown cover at discounted rates through our provider.


Do you have any testimonials or awards?

GEM breakdown cover is award-winning and highly recommended by the experts…

Highly Commended in the Personal Finance Awards 2022

Defaqto 5 Star Rating, one of the most comprehensive policies in the market

Top Three in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for ten years

Which? Recommended Provider in 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2018

And most importantly, by our members… we have an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars for our online reviews on Trust Pilot,, Review Centre and Google.

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