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Lift the bonnet on your Easter break: check your car before you go

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  • Beat the queues by planning your route and travelling at less busy times
  • Make sure you and your car are ready for a long journey
  • Save your Easter eggs for when you’re not in the car

ROAD SAFETY and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging drivers to ensure they and their cars are well prepared before embarking on long road journeys this Easter.

Millions of vehicles are expected to pour onto the road network over the course of the four-day holiday, so planning journeys and making basic vehicle checks will really help avoid delays and congestion. Basic vehicle checks before departure will also help avoid the misery that accompanies a breakdown, says GEM.

The afternoon rush hour will start early on Thursday, with traffic jams likely on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Long queues are expected at all the usual motorway and main road locations, including the approaches to the Dartford River Crossing, the M5 south of Bristol and all routes to coastal resorts.

GEM road safety adviser James Luckhurst said: “No one wants to be sitting in stationary traffic for hours or stuck at the roadside waiting for recovery. We encourage drivers to check they have enough fuel or charge, their tyres are properly inflated with good tread and their oil, screenwash and coolant levels are correct.

“Plan your road journey and try to travel outside peak times if at all possible. For example, if you’re away for the weekend, then consider delaying your departure until later on Thursday. For any day trips, get going early.”

More long queues are likely from lunchtime on Easter Monday, as families return from weekend breaks.

GEM’s tips to reduce Easter journey stress:

Check your vehicle in good time. Ensure you have plenty of fuel or charge. If your car dashboard is showing any warning lights, be sure to get the car checked.

Plan journeys. Not only will this help you travel outside the times of peak congestion, but you’ll also be able to build in locations for breaks along the way. This in turn helps minimise fatigue and stress.

Sharing the driving is another way to reduce fatigue.

Make sure everyone (including pets if they’re travelling too) stays hydrated. Research has shown that dehydrated drivers are more prone to making errors such as late braking and drifting out of their lane. Dehydration also exacerbates fatigue and headaches, so ensure there’s plenty of water for everyone.

Make non-messy snacks for the journey. Granola bars, dried fruit and vegetable sticks are good choices. Easter eggs are best enjoyed away from the car.


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